In this game, each person of the group is only allowed to say one word at a time. Together, you have to put together a series of sentences that create a story. Go in a circle, the first person starting the sentence with only the first word. Then, the next person only gets to add one word. Keep going around the circle, until a sentence is formed, and eventually a story. Have fun, and get abnormally creative!

In this game, students have to stand in a line holding hands with their eyes closed.  A game leader flips a coin until it lands on heads.  The game leader then taps the first people in the line on the shoulder, and they have to squeeze the hand of the next person in line. They then squeeze the hand of the following person, and the “electric current” continues successively until the last person, who tries to be the first to grab a specified object, and stop the clock- winning the game.  This can be repeated until a certain point value is reached, or by shuffling team members around randomly.