Get the Catalyst MVMT App!

It's free, it's quick, it's easy and convenient. We are thrilled to be able to offer an app for Catalyst MVMT!

What's in the app? 
It has everything on this website, but we shrunk it so it fits in your pocket  ;  )

It also has:
- a Bible with many translations
- Catalyst Bible reading plans that go along with our series
- a digital journal for you to take notes in
- event powerups, featuring tools for sharing events and special notifications during our events

To download the app:
1) Open your app store
2) Download 'My Church App'
3) Open that app and search for 'Catalyst MVMT'

We are pending an acceptance into the App Store and once that's complete you will be able to search for 'Catalyst MVMT' inside the App Store without having to go through 'My Church App'.