Catalyst Small Groups

We believe that life is best when in community. A group of people you can be at ease around, a place to feel both needed and known. These groups meet on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks of the month. They are a small group of other students doing their best to live like Jesus did. Lives marked by humility, love, and grace. We believe that we all approach the Christian faith from an even playing field. This simply means that we're all sinners and you don't have to believe to belong. So jump in, consider this your official invitation to participation.

What happens at a small group?

  • informal and hilarious introductions to other group members
  • 10-15 minute video talk
  • 15+ minute discussion about the video, general question & answers, prayer, talking about anything and everything

The length of the meeting time will vary by group and what additional things they choose to do.

I want to join a Catalyst Small Group!

Whether you're new to the Christian faith or have been around the block a time or two, we have a Catalyst small group for you.