We regrouped after last year's ministry. Here's what we saw: a lot of new students attending and students taking steps to make their faith their own. All good right? On paper, we were 'up and to the right' in every measurable statistic. But despite having a good year and record attendance, we came away feeling like we had failed. Here's why...

Why we failed.
Last year, Catalyst MVMT attempted to offer an event every week that students would want to invite their friends to and also have a meaningful discussion time where students could share life and discuss what was being taught. We found that by trying to do both, we ended up failing at both every week.

Why didn’t it work?
Hosting an incredible event every week isn’t practical. It’s takes a lot of resources to do well. Time and money is not something most youth ministries have in abundance. Discipleship happens best in the context of relationship and community. A place where you feel needed and known. This is difficult to achieve within a large group of students who are hyped up from experiencing a great event and are energized by copious amounts of sugar, caffeine, and hormones. In hindsight, the obvious conflict of desired outcomes appears clear.

What’s the answer?
We are hosting a large event the first Wednesday of every month. There will be free food and some form of unmissable entertainment. This will be easy for students to attend and invite friends to. The other three weeks of the month will be allocated to building relationships and community in the context of a small group.

1st Wednesday - Large Event
2nd, 3rd, & 4th Wednesdays - Meet in Small Groups
5th Wednesdays (occurs quarterly) -  Engage in a community service project